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What is the Modern Method of Auction?

We want to change the way people view auctions. For too long people have seen auctions as a complicated (or even scary) way of buying or selling a property, a common misconception being that auctions are just for property developers or investors. We’re always looking at innovative new ways to help you buy or sell your home so we’re really pleased to introduce you to the Modern Method of Auction through iamsold.

The Modern Method of Auction offers you the opportunity to sell your property quickly and securely for a price that you are happy with. Auctions take place online, putting your property in front of a wider audience of prospective buyers, there are no estate agency fees to pay and the realistic fixed-timescales see buyers exchange and complete on your property within 56 days. So, if you’re looking for a quick sale at a price you are happy with, the Modern Method of Auction could be the perfect solution. Speak to your local agent to find out more.

speak to your local agent

benefits of selling this way…

  • 0% commission – as a vendor, you’ll pay no estate agency fees and keep the full selling price.*
  • security – sales are secured with a buyer paid Reservation Fee and signed Reservation Agreement meaning all parties can move forward with the sale in confidence.
  • speed – fixed, realistic time-frames allow for buyers to exchange and complete within a speedy 56 days.
  • price – set a hidden reserve price to help ensure that your property sells for a price that you’re happy with.
  • maximise interest – 24/7 bidding means that your property will achieve greater exposure to potential buyers. Increased interest can encourage competitive bidding which can help to drive up the selling price.
  • greater control – don’t wait around to hear about the interest on your property… with real-time updates, 24/7 bidding and the ability to track and view previous bids you can see how well your property’s doing at any time of the day.

benefits of buying this way…

  • transparency – access to Property Information Packs from the outset means that can you make informed decisions before bidding on a property. With no hidden fees to pay, you’ll know exactly what you have to pay once all bids are in at the end of the auction.
  • security – at the end of the auction you’ll enter into a reservation agreement with the seller - this commitment reduces the risk of a sale not completing for both parties.
  • 24/7 bidding – can’t attend an auction? No need to worry! With the ability to place bids remotely using our online auction's platform it won’t matter if you can’t go to the auction day. What’s more, you can also set your bid limits and track the progress of a sale 24/7.

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Why not get in touch with your local agent to see how the Modern Method of Auction can help get you sold.

speak to your local agent

*Where the buyer pays the Reservation Fee, the buyer may consider the Reservation Fee as part of the total purchase price. The vendor is also liable to pay for the cost of Auction pack, but only on the successful sale of their property.